Domotel Profile

Domotel is a Greek chain of Boutique & Lifestyles hotels, each having its own concept, based on the special features that define each hotel’s uniqueness, such as history, natural environment, architecture, local culture. Domotel hotels truly reflect their location and promote the Greek hospitality, but are also fresh expressions of the Domotel personalized service, offered by our professional staff, creating unforgettable experiences.

We manage 4 and 5 star city hotels and resorts all around Greece, providing exceptional services and amenities for both business and leisure. At Domotel, our guests enjoy a stylish and memorable stay, which combines a home away from home feeling with a unique sense of local experience. The Domotel guest feels unique, feels special and truly pampered.

Domotel hotels are situated in some of the best and well- known Greek destinations:

• Athens, Attica – Domotel Kastri
• Thessaloniki, Macedonia – Domotel Les Lazaristes
• Volos, Thessaly – Domotel Xenia Volos
• Karditsa, Thessaly – Domotel Arni
• Sivota, Epirus – Domotel Agios Nikolaos
• Paleos Agios Athanasios (Mount Vorras / Kaimaktsalan), Macedonia – Domotel Neve
• Arachova, Attica – Domotel Anemolia